Plugin All In One WP Stuck or does not import [Alternative Solution]

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   Surely you have spent hours trying different ways to import your website with the All in one WP Migration Plugin (in its free version) and it continues to stay in the loading process up to 100%

   This is more due to a profit issue on the part of the plugin developers than a bug on your server or with your website.

   I’ll explain why and how I managed to continue using the free version in an optimal way.

  In different sites you will find information on how to upload your file via FTP and use the Backups option after editing the Constants.php file, anyway, I tried it and it didn’t work, like many who mention it on social networks.

Solution to import with All-in-one WP Migration 2022

    Having said all of the above, the solution I was able to achieve was to import only the Database with the plugin and the files separately.

    A method that I have been using for more than 1 year to eliminate viruses from WordPress, has worked 100% for me and I hope it works for you too.

All in one WP Migration does not finish the import

    Well, this problem has become very common since the updates from version 6.7 onwards where a limit of 512 mb is defined for importing backup files in said plugin.

Remarkably easy, intuitive and fast import process, designed to support files up to 5TB (the community version is limited to 512MB, and is used via an extension).

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This is to be expected with most plugins, initially offering full features for us to test on our sites and then limiting them.

Developers are human and should earn money for their work, right? 😅

   Now, if your file weighs less than 512 mb, you may have a problem with the limitations of your hosting.

Now, if your file weighs less than 512 mb, you may have a problem with the limitations of your hosting.

  Enter the cPanel configuration or locate the edit php.ini module of the platform you are using, in the advanced editor you will find something similar to this:

post_max_size=512m max_execution_time=3600
error_reporting=E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT
session.save_path="/tmp" magic_quotes_gpc=Off

  Make sure that upload_max_filesize and post_max_size are at least 512m, with that the maximum upload size will be at the same default limit of the plugin.

Contact the support of your hosting if you cannot access the PHP parameters of it.

How to import WordPress with All-in-On WP Migration from the database?

Step 1: Install the All in one Wp Migration plugin

  Install from the plugin installer or go directly to the WordPress repository, I leave the link here

Step 2: Backup the Database

    We go to the Export option of the plugin, but this time we check all the boxes in advanced options except the one of Do not export the database (sql)

exportar solo la base de datos de wordpress con all in one wp migration

IMPORTANT: Take note of the plugins you have installed, when you restore the site you must reinstall them manually.

Don’t worry, the configurations you have made will be there when you reinstall them since they are saved in the DB.

Step 3: Backup the files

    From the FTP or directly in the file manager of your hosting, locate the Uploads folder and create a copy of it, download it to your computer or to the cloud.

Remember that the backup with the plugin will only save the DB but not the files.

If you have manual modifications in the code of the .php files, back them up as well.

Step 4: Restore the site

    Well, now you have to do the process in reverse, create the new WordPress and upload the backups the way they were before.

    At this point the Database does not take up much space so the plugin will no longer put the restriction on importing.

You may need to reset your password, in most cases it gives an error when entering.

Step 5: Rectify permalinks

    Go to the settings-> permalinks option and verify that they are as you had left them, click on Save changes (even if you have not done anything)

    And that’s it, you can now make backups with All in One Wp Migration of the entire website (in another way)

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